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Driving Lessons Blaydon

Using advanced teaching methods and technology, our certified instructors provide high-quality driving lessons in Blaydon that exceed industry standards, enabling you to easily pass your driving test.

Driving Lessons Blaydon

At Shift,  we offer comprehensive training that covers everything from the basics to advanced driver techniques. We pride ourselves on our first time pass rate, which is better than the national average. Whether you’re a beginner or just want to improve your skills, our experienced instructors will quickly help you become safe and skilled behind the wheel.

Learn to drive in Blaydon. Book your lessons with Shift today and start your journey towards passing your driving test, and becoming a fully licensed driver!

Other Locations: DunstonWhickham

Driving Lessons Tuition Car

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Beginners Course

4 Hours Manual - Learn the basics such as controls, moving off and stopping.


Driving Lesson

2 Hours Manual - A 2 hour driving lesson with an Approved Instructor.


Driving Lesson

10 Hours Manual - A block booking of 10 hours with an Approved Instructor.



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Beginners Course

4 Hours Automatic - Learn the basics such as controls, moving off and stopping.


Driving Lesson

2 Hours Automatic - A 2 hour driving lesson with an Approved Instructor.


Driving Lesson

10 Hours Automatic - A block booking of 10 hours with an Approved Instructor.


Student Reviews

Kirsten ScottPass Plus - September '23

Had a great experience completing my Pass Plus with Shift
Had a great experience completing my Pass Plus with Shift. My instructor was very calm and friendly, making me feel relaxed whilst driving. Would recommend to any learner drivers!

Rosie McLeanLearner Driver - August '23

Amazing driving instructors
Amazing driving instructors, positive and helpful. Would highly recommend

Jordan ChapmanLearner Driver - August '23

Couldn’t praise this driving school more!
Couldn’t praise this driving school more! Incredibly friendly and amazing feedback. Passed first time with absolutely no bother and would absolutely recommend to anyone.

LeoLearner Driver - August '23

First time pass…
Passed on my Test first time thanks to the excellent, top class teaching from Lewis!! Brilliant and professional driving school to learn from… can’t thank them enough!

Abbie RLearner Driver - July '23

Highly Recommended
My Shift driving instructor was fantastic. He was always calm, and gave clear, easy-to-follow instructions which made me feel confident when driving. I passed first time so I would definitely recommend them!

Nathaniel TeggLearner Driver - July '23

Shift helped me pass!
Lewis was a brilliant driving instructor. He was patient, and made me feel comfortable in each lesson. I managed to pass first time because of him. I'd definitely recommend you using Shift if you want to pass.

Thomas DonnellyLearner Driver - July '23

Highly Recommend
Highly recommend. My time with Alex was enjoyable and I was able to get ready for my test with him very quickly and pass first time due to his excellent teaching

Chelsey BellLearner Driver - Jun '23

I have had a couple of Instructors and
I have had a couple of Instructors and was quite put off by them until I found Lewis he’s extremely patient (even when I was dramatic) and they way he taught was so straight forward and efficient which I didn’t have previously he completely put me at ease I couldn’t recommend him enough!!

Georgia PiperLearner Driver - June '23

5 Star Driving School
I had an amazing instructor who was both patient and helpful. I was really nervous and he took the time to help me gain confidence. He was honest and reliable throughout my time at shift and I could not thank him enough. I could also not recommend shift driving school enough they are brilliant.

Steve RLearner Driver - June '23

Alex was very good
Alex was very good. My 17 year old son passed first time with him.

TobyLearner Driver - June '23

Great instructors and a fair amount of flexibility
Could not fault Alex in any way he was amazing instructor who helped me pass, had been driving previously and had taken a break due to COVID restrictions. If I was do my driving exam again I would do my lessons with this company again.

BrettLearner Driver - May '23

Great experience using Shift
Great experience using Shift. Made a very nervous driver very calm. Would highly recommend these guys, especially if you’re a nervous first timer.

NathanLearner Driver - May '23

Super happy with Shift
I’ve been super happy using Shift, Had a poor experience with another instructor when I was 17 which had stopped me picking things up again until now at 32. My nerves were immediately were put at ease on the first lesson and everything after was easy.

Lee RuddickLearner Driver - May '23

Great instructors
Great instructors, very helpful, well trained and informative passed my test easily through this company and would highly recommend to anyone looking for driving lessons.

William CampbellLearner Driver - April '23

Had lessons over a few month period
Had lessons over a few month period and Alex was amazing. Always making sure I understood why I was doing something wrong and very attentive. Easy to talk to as well.

Georgia JohnstoneLearner Driver - April '23

The best of the best!
Instructor was always professional, friendly and always made me feel comfortable. Always looked forward to my lessons. Absolutely recommend!

Pavan NayaniLearner Driver April '23

Great friendly instructor
Great friendly instructor that taught in a concise way that actually made sense and made it easier to learn. Would definitely recommend!

Molly EastonLearner Driver - April '23

Highly Recommend
Instructor was always kind, patient and encouraging. Highly recommend 🙂

Are you looking for a driving school in Blaydon? Fill in your details and one of our amazing instructors will call you back within 24 hours.


Local Test Centre

Gateshead Test Centre
The closest centre to Blaydon is Gateshead Test Centre. Gatesheads’ test routes were designed to encompass all aspects of modern road challenges, which is why we exclusively select highly skilled instructors who possess intricate knowledge of Gateshead and the surrounding areas. Booking your lessons with Shift online today is all it takes to commence your journey towards obtaining your driver’s license.

Waterside Drive, Dunston, Gateshead, NE11 9HU

Wheelchair Accessible

Other Locations: BlaydonBenwell Elswick Scottswood Jesmond

How many lessons will I need?

The number of lessons you’ll need will depend on your individual circumstances and how quickly you learn. On average, it takes around 40-50 hours to pass the test, but some people may need more or less depending on their previous experience, confidence level, and ability to learn. Bear in mind also that your instructor will only take you for test if they deem you to be ready for it, otherwise they will not allow you to use their vehicle for it.

Do you have female instructors?

Yes, we do have female instructors available. When you book your lessons, you can request a female instructor if you would prefer.

Do you teach test routes?

Your instructor will show you some popular test routes, but they won’t necessarily be the exact routes. Our theory is, when you have finished your training with Shift, you should be able to drive on any road in the United Kingdom. This isn’t to say that your instructor won’t show you any complex roundabouts or hazards in the area though. Its good to know popular landmarks too so you have a good idea of where you are, then you know what to expect.

Is there a long wait for lessons?

We do our best to accommodate all our students’ needs and offer flexible scheduling. However, availability may vary depending on the location and the time of year. Availability at the moment fluctuates quite alot, so you are probably best off giving us a call on 0191 432 4560.

What other areas do you cover?

At the moment we provide lessons in Newcastle, Gateshead and surrounding areas such as Bensham, Blaydon, Dunston, Elswick, Felling, Jesmond, Low Fell, Scottswood and Whickham.. Additionally, we are actively seeking instructors in all areas. Do you know someone who has what it takes? Click here to visit our become an instructor page.

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