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Drivers in Greater Manchester have been warned about the danger of mounting their satellite navigation devices on the area of the windscreen directly above the steering wheel column.

The warning comes after a driver was pulled over by the Greater Manchester Police for this offence, which obstructs the driver’s view of the road. The police advised the driver to move the device to a more appropriate place and issued a Traffic Offence Report.

Holding a phone or sat nav while driving is also illegal. Lawmakers and the police are increasingly emphasizing the importance of ensuring that technology does not jeopardize the safety of road users. It is essential to educate new drivers, including the younger generation who have grown up with such technology, on safe device use.

The responsibility of educating our youngsters on road safety rests on driving instructors. As a driving instructor, you will not only be helping learners pass their driving test, but you will also be educating them on all aspects of vehicle and road safety.

A Police spokesman later added: "There were two child passengers in the car which led us to take immediate action. The driver having been given advice removed the sat nav to a more appropriate place."

Police later tweeted: “This vehicle was stopped and driver given advice regarding the placement of his Sat Nav. “This was clearly obstructing his view and directly in his line of sight. “You must have a full clear view of the road and traffic ahead, obstructing this is an offence. #drivesafe”