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In response to growing concerns over unfair access to driving test slots, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is taking action. With waiting times for driving tests hitting record highs and reports of appointments being resold at exorbitant prices, the DVSA is rolling out changes to curb misuse of the system.

What’s Happening?
Back in June 2023, DVSA CEO Loveday Ryder addressed the issue of misuse of the driving test booking service. Since then, the DVSA has been working behind the scenes to disrupt the systems used to manipulate test bookings. Now, they’re taking further steps to make it harder for people to exploit the system.

What’s Changing?
Starting from today, the DVSA will be placing limits on how many times a driving license number can be used to swap a practical car test online. This move aims to level the playing field for all learners, ensuring fair access to test slots. These limits only apply to car tests and won’t affect motorcycle, theory, or vocational tests.

How Will It Work?
Once a driving license number hits the set limit for swaps, further swaps can only be made by contacting the DVSA’s customer service center. A notification will pop up on the booking system when the limit is reached, prompting individuals to find alternative ways to reschedule.

The DVSA won’t disclose the specific limit to prevent misuse of the system. However, they assure that they’ll keep an eye on things and make adjustments as needed based on the results.

By implementing these measures, the DVSA aims to make the driving test booking process fairer and more transparent for everyone involved. With these changes in place, learners can expect a smoother journey towards getting their driver’s license.

Stay tuned for more updates as the DVSA continues to tackle booking abuses and improve the driving test experience for all.