Part 2 Instructor Training 2 Hours


Book a 2 hour Part 2 in-car training session with a qualified Approved Driving Instructor. Receive personalized coaching and expert guidance to excel in the Part 2 examination.

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Begin your journey towards mastering driving abilities for the Part 2 driving test with our 2-hour in-car training sessions led by Approved Driving Instructors. Tailored specifically for candidates preparing for the Part 2 examination, these sessions deliver invaluable hands-on experience and expert guidance to hone driving skills and ensure readiness for the test.

Throughout each 2-hour session, our ADIs offer personalized coaching and constructive feedback, addressing individual needs and challenges. Navigate through practical exercises and scenario-based simulations, gaining practical insights and confidence as you prepare comprehensively for the Part 2 examination.

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Newcastle, Gateshead, Redcar, Middlesbrough

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