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The Top 10 Common Driving Blunders for failing your Driving Test

Mastering the fine art of driving is akin to finding your way through a maze of traffic norms, road signs, and the occasional driver who believes turn signals are optional accessories. While many drivers successfully navigate their daily commutes, there are these pesky common driving faux pas that can lead to a symphony of car horns, a flurry of traffic tickets, or worse, a failed driving test. In this article, let’s take a dive into the latest top 10 driving blunders for failing the driving test.

1. Bad Observations at Junctions

Picture this: You’re at a junction, itching to make your move. But instead of scanning the scene like a pro, you give it a cursory glance like you’re searching for your misplaced car keys. Well, that’s a recipe for disaster. Every time your rubber meets a fresh road, make a grand show of it! Look left, look right, and where necessary look ahead. Think of it as your “before taking the plunge” ritual.

2. Not checking Mirrors enough

Ah, mirrors, those reflective pieces of glass that magically reveal what’s happening behind you. Surprisingly, they’re not just for checking your hairdo (although that’s important too). Before signalling, changing speed, or switching lanes, it’s time to put those mirrors to good use. Don’t be shy; give them a wink and a nod, and you’ll be well on your way to safer driving.

3. Failure to Move Off safely

Moving off from a standstill might not seem like rocket science, but it does require a bit of finesse. Picture it as your grand exit! Perform a six-point check, announce your intentions with a signal (no red carpet required), and glide onto the road like a superstar making an entrance. Remember, don’t forget your blind spot check before you move off or this could land you a fail and a potential RTA.

4. Positioning when Turning Right

Turning right may sound like a simple affair, but misjudge your positioning, and you could inadvertently create a traffic circus. When making a right turn, aim to position your car closer to the centre of the road. This practice ensures a smoother and safer turn. It’s similar to staying within the lines, like colouring inside the edges of a colouring book. This approach also applies to maintaining the correct lane discipline, particularly when navigating roundabouts. Remember, no-one likes a lane hogger!

5. Lack of Control when Steering

Imagine steering as a dance—graceful, precise, and in sync with the rhythm of the road. Not steering enough around corners, tardy turns, or unfortunate curb encounters are the equivalent of tripping over your own feet on the dance floor. When going around corners, it’s essential to steer just the right amount to stay on your intended path. Delayed turns or hitting curbs can lead to all kinds of problems.

6. Poor Response to Traffic Lights

Think of traffic lights as the guardians of road safety, controlling the flow of vehicles. Ignoring or being caught off-guard by a red light is like entering a crossroads with your eyes closed—it’s a recipe for disaster. So, prioritize safety, respect the signals, and you’ll enjoy a smoother, accident-free journey, steering clear of unexpected mishaps on the road.

7. Poor Response to Traffic Signs

When it comes to traffic signs, consider them your silent navigational guides on the road. Ignoring or misinterpreting them is like venturing into uncharted waters without a compass—you’re bound to get lost or encounter unexpected obstacles. To stay on the right course and ensure a smooth journey, pay close attention to the signs, as they hold the key to a safer and more predictable drive.

8. Poor Road Positioning

Just like in life, on the road, it’s all about finding your place. Poor road positioning is like being the person who hogs the middle armrest on a long-haul flight—it’s not appreciated. Stick to your lane, avoid unnecessary lane changes, steer clear of kerbs and remember, we’re all just trying to get somewhere safely without the unnecessary drama.

9. Poor Response to Road Markings

Road markings are like the road’s way of speaking to you. Ignoring or misinterpreting them is like tuning out during an important conversation. Staying in your designated lane, adhering to lane markings, and refraining from veering into other lanes are vital for road safety. Just as you wouldn’t disregard clear directions in life, following road markings is essential to ensure a safe and orderly journey.

10. Poor Control when Reversing

When it comes to reverse parking, think of it as your chance to showcase your precision driving skills. Fumbling with the controls or losing control during this manoeuvre is like trying to thread a needle with shaky hands—it’s a recipe for pricking your thumb. Maintain steady control, use your mirrors effectively, and take it one step at a time. Just as you wouldn’t rush a delicate task in life, don’t rush your reverse parking.

So there you have it—the top 10 driving blunders, dissected and demystified. We hope these insights help you navigate the road of life with a little more finesse and a lot less drama. May your travels be filled with open roads and clear lanes. Happy and safe driving!